Homemade Easter Candy is Allergy Friendly

Make Easter Candy
Thanks to places like Amanda's Own, Premium Chocolatiers and Vermont Nut Free Chocolates, it's easier than ever to find dairy, nut and peanut-free candies for Easter. If you didn't get your Easter order in on time, there's no need to worry. Pull out your safe chocolate chips (Enjoy Life mini-chips are great for this), melt some in the microwave and pour them into a mold.

I found this 6-inch bunny mold at AC Moore and the bunny, chick and egg-shaped chocolate lollipops (candy sticks are available in any craft store candy section) are always a big hit. Encase the goodies in some colored plastic wrap in rose, blue, green or violet for a festive presentation.

If you're looking for a cute Easter Bunny cake recipe, bake your favorite cake recipe in one nine-inch round pan and one eight-inch round pan, then check out the rest of my instructions here.

Happy Holidays!
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