Book Review: The Thriving Child

Book on Parenting Kids with Allergies and Asthma
I was recently given the opportunity to review the soon-to-be released, The Thriving Child by Erica Reid. While this is a book that covers a family's journey through the diagnosis of food allergies and asthma, it is also an advice book for any parent seeking to create a healthy family environment.

Erica Reid and her husband L.A. Reid (I'm familiar with him as a judge on Simon Cowell's X-Factor) are the parents of two children. A serious illness in their young son led them down a path to an eventual diagnosis of food allergies and asthma, Erica Reid did what many of us have done when we hear this diagnosis- she re-examined every aspect of her family's life. From the foods they ate to the items in their home, nothing was off-limits as she tried to find out what was making her son sick and what would keep him healthy. The Reid family made many changes. This book describes that journey and what they learned along the way.

The style of "The Thriving Child" is conversational and non-judgmental. The author is quick to point out that she knows the changes she made in her family won't work for everyone, but she hopes readers can pick out things to try that may work in their family.

The Reids' journey will sound familiar to many food allergy families- varying diagnoses from different doctors, too many medications hastily ordered by doctors to fix symptoms and a suspicion that everything is making your child sick. Erica tracked down experts- doctors, a macrobiotic guru, Erica's own 5th grade teacher (I love that they are still in touch!)- and their knowledge is shared throughout this book. Another fun aspect of the book is the celebrity parenting tips that begin each chapter. Hearing from fellow parents like Melissa Ethridge, Holly Robinson Peete and Gayle King shows that all parents face challenges and that we all just want what is best for our families.

The Thriving Child is scheduled to be released May 8, 2012. If you're looking to re-energize and re-vamp your family's life, Erica may provide just the boost you need to get started. 

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Food Allergies Recipe Box said...

This sounds interesting, I might have to check it out. It is nice to see that she mentions that what she did might not work for everyone as that seems to be how it is, what worked for one family might not work for another but it is still nice to share stories. Thanks for your review!