Fake a Food Allergy? Say It Isn't So!

Butter on Vegetables
The Doctor's, a popular daytime show featuring specialty doctors dispensing medical advice, recently did a grave disservice to the food allergy community.  In a piece called, "Get Thin By Summer: 13 Secrets You Haven't Heard", tip #9 was "Fake a Butter Allergy".

Yup, you read right. In order to make sure your restaurant meal doesn't come with added butter, the doctors on the show suggest you tell a "little white lie" and say that you're allergic to butter.


Not okay!

The food allergy community has come too far in educating restaurants to sit back and allow a TV show tell people it's okay to lie about a food allergy. Let's let them know that food allergies are real and we need for restaurant staff to take our allergies seriously. It looks like the only place to comment on the show is to fill out an "Ask the Doctor" form. Please take a few minutes and send a message that it's never okay to fake a food allergy.

Maybe the doctors could advise their listeners to just be truthful instead.

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