AllerMates: Special Products for Special Kids

 I adorable are these products from AllerMates!?! From lunch bags to charms to t-shirts AllerMates makes sure that kids with allergies feel special and are noticed. Let's face it, when we can't be with our young food allergic kids we want the adults around them to know that while they look perfectly healthy, caution needs to be taken.

I'll never forget the time I wrote to an after-school activity advisor mid-year about an upcoming party. I reminded her about my child's food allergies. Her response? "Oh, that's right. I forgot. Thanks for reminding me."

Needless to say, we skipped that party.

Allergic reactions can happen quickly. Wearing an identifying charm or t-shirt or using a well-labeled lunch bag ensures that everyone knows about a specific allergy. 

 I had the opportunity to review some of the AllerMates products. I found the lunch bag to be sturdy and well insulated. It even comes with an allergy info card that slips into the outside of the bag. There are AllerMates tags to thread on silicone necklaces or wristbands (latex and nickel free!) all with the cartoon characters sporting names like P.Nutty, Professor Wheatley and Pint. It's a fun way to offer a serious reminder.

Check out the AllerMates website. It's very kid friendly and designed  to share with your little ones. Their coloring pages and activity sheets teach kids about allergies in a fun and cool way.

Who knows? Soy Cool and Detective Fin may soon be as popular as those other kid-friendly characters- Sponge Bob and Elmo!

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