Sonoma Rose (Elm Creek Quilts) and Celiac Disease

I've long enjoyed The Elm Creek Quilt series by Jennifer Chiaverini. The memorable characters and beautifully described settings make Jennifer's books a delightful read. Most recently, I read Sonoma Rose, a story set in California wine country during the Prohibition. All readers will anguish as the main character Rosa watches her children go from healthy babies to poorly thriving children. Many of you will begin to follow the clues as I did to an eventual diagnosis of celiac disease. While doctors tell Rosa to feed her children "wholesome white bread" to make them stronger, she goes on a quest to find better answers as the health of her children deteriorates.

I found it fascinating to read about the early history and treatment of celiac. In the 1920's, the banana diet was the only treatment for the disease. As this included the elimination of all bread, crackers and cereals, the treatment was effective for those correctly diagnosed with celiac. For a timeline history of celiac, check out Destiny Stone's article on For a fun, informative read, settle in with Jennifer Chiavernini's Sonoma Rose.

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