MA Restaurants and Food Allergies

Food Allergy Signs
Our family recently visited the great state of Massachusetts and found a posting about food allergies in every restaurant we saw. From fast food to fine dining, some statement about food allergies was apparent. When we spoke to restaurant staff, nearly everyone was well-versed about food allergies and needed little coaching from us in discussing and preparing allergy safe foods. From the guy at Subway® who immediately washed his hands, changed his gloves and took out fresh utensils, to our server at the Omni Parker House Hotel who took the time to write down our allergen concerns and then discussed safe options, it was delightful to dine out in MA. 

This may not be big news in MA as they've had 
food allergy legislation since 2010 requiring all restaurants in the state to adhere to certain guidelines, but it's a big deal to those of us from out of state. While a few other states have passed similar regulations (RI and perhaps soon MD), most states lag far behind, making eating out with food allergies very challenging. Anyone interested in helping to enact similar legislation in their state is encouraged to contact FARE

Everyone should have the right to walk into a restaurant and have a safe dining experience. Paul Antico, founder of Allergy Eats is sponsoring the second annual Food Allergy Conference for Restauranteurs this November. Share registration information with your favorite restaurants and encourage them to become food allergy savvy. It's good for everyone.
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