Homemade Candy Corn and Halloween Goodies

 It's that time of year again! The witch/ghost/bat decorations are out of the attic and adorning the house and I've pulled out some favorite seasonal recipes like homemade candy corn and pumpkin apple muffins
 I recently had the opportunity to participate in a webinar with Jo Frost in which she shared her experience with her own food allergies, as well as some Halloween tips for food allergy families. Here are some of her seasonal ideas:
  • focus on the non-food festivities like mask making, pumpkin decorating, face paint, spooky scavenger hunts.
  • remember that different sized treats may contain different ingredients. If you can't read the label, assume it's unsafe (that piece of advice is mine).
  • give your child something to eat before going out trick or treating or to a party. That removes some of the temptation to eat without thinking or because of hunger.
For more information about Jo's work on behalf of food allergy families, check out 25 Years of EpiPen, and while you're there, upload a photo showing how you carry your EpiPen and Mylan will donate $25 to leading allergy non-profit groups. 

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