The Buzz on Bees and Food Allergy

"The bees are just missing" the radio announcer reported. Huh? Yes, it turns out that billions (yes, that's a "B") of honey bees have vanished- virtually into thin air. Now I've had my eye on bees ever since I visited some beekeepers at our local farmers market. They commented that many of their bees like to pollinate from walnut trees in the area. That got me wondering about cross contamination. Here I am making sure I use separate utensils in my kitchen and we've got a bunch of bees out there flitting from fruit tree to nut tree and back again. Is this dangerous for those with nut allergies? Can nut protein find its way into the honey I feed my nut allergic child? So, while scientists continue to look for the missing bees, I suggest some research into whether pollination is contributing to the rise in food allergies.

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