Travolta Heartbreak

We've all heard the news stories surrounding the death of Jett Travolta at age 16. When I hear a story like this, I can't help thinking, "but they did everything right... how could this happen?"

The reports I heard talked about the precautions the family took to keep their son safe due to his seizures. Things like baby monitors, two nannies, chimes that rang if he walked through a doorway, were part of their lives. Just like Epi-pens, medical alert bracelets, school healthcare plans and special foods are part of our lives.

We do everything we can to protect our children so how can that still not be enough? A tragedy like this weighs heavy on my heart. I've been hugging my kids more this last week as though I can form a protective bubble around them. Since there is no magic bubble, I'll just keep talking and writing about what is needed to protect all children.
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