Fall Holiday Chocolates That are Also Allergy Friendly

I enjoy making my own simple dairy and nut-free chocolates using a candy mold. If however, you are searching for something special this holiday season for a food allergic loved one, check out Premium Chocolatier's products. How elegant is a box of pumpkin truffles for maybe a hostess gift. Kids will love the stand-alone chocolate turkeys for a fun thanksgiving treat and their mini-chocolate cheesecakes (yup, they are dairy and nut free too!) would be a welcome gift to anyone who has never been able to indulge in a traditional box of chocolates.

I have always been satisfied with my Premium Chocolatier orders and they are perfect for those times when I want something distinctive that I can't make at home. They also offer gluten-free chocolates, dairy free chocolate covered pretzels and their Milkless candy bar tastes just like a traditional Hershey® bar- honest!

Chocolate does make life a little sweeter.
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